Services & Industries

DIAL Informatica designs solutions for Internet of Things subsystems with a focus on data analysis aspects. Our customers are companies of any size, also in the IT sector, that want to enrich their offer with IoT solutions. 
Adopting a co-design approach customers can develop solid solution roadmap and accelerate subsystem development.
Our services are mainly aimed at the Agri-food industry. In this sector we design solutions that range from near-real-time monitoring and short-term analysis of the data collected on the field by IoT devices, to long-term data analysis to support process decisions and policy strategies.

For the Public sector we have expertise in designing solutions for complex Agri-food systems.
With the same approach, we offer similar services for other industrial sectors.

Smart Agriculture
We offer consultancy and management services for different project phases:
– data path design,
– data model definition,
– development of business intelligence dashboards.
We cover many production and transformation phases of agri-food value chains.

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